Exciting tours in moscow for any budget

Let's choose the perfect tour for you in Moscow - whether you are a budget-savvy traveller or want to experience a tour tailored just for you.

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moscow group tours

You can join our group walking tours in Moscow every day and get a lovely introduction to the city! 

Currently we run Moscow Center Tour on a daily basis and Moscow Metro Tour several times a week.

We are also planning to develop more group tours eventially. For now you can book a private tour of any kind which suits your interests.

moscow private tours

You need a private tour if 

  • group timeschedule does not fit you
  • you want a guide all for yourself
  • you are a group of friends, colleagues or a bigfamily
  • you have a specific interest like architecture, Soviet history or maybe Nightlife? 


If this is the case or you just love being a VIP client, book a private tour. We provide a variety of exciting tours at a very democratic price.

If you don't see the tour of your dreams on the list, contact us and we will create it. 

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