Sanduny Baths tour
Sanduny Baths tour
Real Russian experience in the most legendary "banya"

Perfect for cold weather

sanduny baths tour

Experience Russian 'banya' in the luxury of Sanduny Baths

Sanduny Baths were first opened in 1808 and since then have been the most luxurious 'banya' in Russia. Banya is similar to sauna, but with wet heat and bath brooms. This is something all Russians do - otherwise how to survive in cold winter? ;)

We invite you to have great time Russian-style in legendary Sanduny banya. 

During Sanduny Baths tour you will get:

  • luxurious banya experience
  • harsh "spa" aka beating with a broom
  • stories by our easy-going local guide


Important: this is a naked activity, that's why male and female departments are separated. You can book the tour either for male or for female group. 


PRICE INCLUDES entrance fee, bath attendant services­


If you don't have towel and sheet, you can rent them on the site (450 Rub)

Tea, Food, Beauty Spa 







from 13 800 Rub

per group


2 hours


Every day 

except Tuesday


is essential

at least 24 hours in advance 

russian banya hat