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Where to see ballet in Moscow

Russian ballet is definetely one of those 'once in a life time experiences'. Even though it was invented by French, we don't feel bad saying that Russian ballet is the best in the world. If you are travelling to Moscow, make sure to book ballet tickets for one of the nights here. Good news is that you can see great performances not only in Bolshoi (which is rather expensive) but in several theatres here. Here is the list, don't thank us. But you can ask us for help if you find the purchase process hard.  

Bolshoi Theatre

Price range: 1 500 - 15 000 Rub

Bolshoi Theatre is classics. The interiors are splendid, with four levels of balconies and the Emperor's lodge. The performances are always massive with numerous crowds of actors and luxurious decorations. There are even horses on stage sometimes! If you can afford it, go for it.

Just choose carefully: there are both ballets and operas performed here. Besides, apart from the old stage there is a new one, which looks very similar but it's smaller. Make sure to book in advance, tickets sell out fast.

Moscow Music Theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko

Price range: 800 - 5 000 Rub

Music Theatre is a great alternative to the Bolshoi Theatre if you don't want to pay too much but still expect a magnificent performance. Very much loved by locals, this theatre hosts both classical and experimental ballet shows.

It also has opera nights, so look carefully before buying tickets. Here you can buy some last-moment tickets, but booking early always gives you more options.

Kremlin Palace

Price range: 200 - 3 000 Rub 

Moscow Kremlin is a historical tourist attraction during the day, but it also opens the doors of its concert hall by night. Kremlin Palace is slightly lost in the era of the USSR, and its ballet performances are a bit academic too - but do you really care? They perform the most renowned shows such as "Swan Lake", "Nutcracker", "Sleeping Beauty", and also more 'Russian' ones: "Ruslan and Lyudmila" and "Scarlet flower".

A chance to walk inside the Kremlin walls in the evening is a nice bonus. Grab your camera.

Summer Seasons: RAMT

Price range: 600 - 2500 Rub

If you are visiting Moscow during the summer months, all the theatres mentioned above will be on the road tours. Your only option is RAMT, or Russian Academic Youth Theatre, which hosts performances by various troupes in the summer. Great repertoire and shows almost every night. The only downside is that it might get a bit stuffy in the hall, as the building is not designed for summer heat. But really who cares when Siegfried betrays Odette?