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Top-5 things to see in Moscow 

Whether you are new in Moscow or have very limited time in the city, this list will help you to see all key sights. 

1. Red Square 

Surely your first stop in Moscow should be Red Square, which is at the very heart of Moscow and symbolically at the heart of Russia. Russian word for "red" used to mean "beautiful" and this a very precise epithet. 

 In fact, there are several sights which you see in the Red Square: State Historical Museum which is the embodiment of neo-Russian architecture, Lenin Mausoleum, toylike St.Basil's Cathedral and historical shopping center GUM. Spend some time to explore everything.

How to get here 

Сlosest metro stations are Ohotnyj ryad, Ploschad Revolucii, Teatralnaya

If you are going by taxi, ask the driver to take you to Four Seasons hotel (it is easy to pronounce :) ) 

Time to spend 2-3 hours

2. Bolshoi Theater  

Take a short walk from Red Square and you will get to the Theater square which was named after the Bolshoi Theater (big theater). This is the main theater in Russia where opera and ballet performances are held. Although it has been rebuilt several times, the building has not changed a lot and looks very much like in the 19th century. 

Take a stroll around or chill in the yard in front of the Theater. This is a very popular place with locals - they arrange meetings and dates here.

If you have a chance, get a ticket to watch a performance here. You will be wowed by the glamour of interiors and scenery. If you did not get a ticket to Bolshoi, go to RAMT - this is a building on the left. They hold Summer Ballet Seasons in July and August. Another option is Kremlin Palace, you can see ballet there from September to June.

How to get here 

Сlosest metro stations are Ohotnyj ryad and Teatralnaya

If you are going by taxi, ask the driver to take you to Bolshoi

Time to spend 20-30 min

3. Myasnitskaya street 

 Most of the tourists go to Tverskaya or Arbat, but smart tourists go to the street which is gorgeous in its authenticity and popular with Moscovites - Myasnitskaya. This is one of the few streets where 19th century architecture has been preserved in a good condition. 

 Some historical jewels are: Pashkov's house which was used for Masonic meetings, Chertkov's house - the first public library, "Chinese" house and the only Le Corbusier building in Moscow. 

 Myasnitskaya is also a great place to have a meal or a coffee, and watch Russians in their natural habitat.

How to get here 

Сlosest metro stations are Lubianka or Chistye Prudy, Turgenevskaya, Sretenskaya

If you are going by taxi, ask the driver to take you to Chistye Prudy metro

Time to spend 1-1,5 hours

4. Cathedral of Christ the Savior 

This is the biggest Orthodox cathedral in the world (103 metres) and imposing indeed. Although its history starts in the 19th century, the cathedral you see now was constructed in 1997. It was demolished on Stalin's order as he wished to build the Palace of Soviets instead. 

Today it a functional church, and you can enter it to see the interiors. Keep in mind, that it is preferable not to wear shorts or short skirts, and women should have their heads covered. 

You can actually climb up to the viewing point of the Cathedral for a moderate fee.In the basement there is an exposition with a few historical artifacts.

How to get here 

 Сlosest metro station is Kropotkinskaya 

If you are going by taxi, ask the driver to take you to Khram Khrista Spasitelya 

Time to spend 1-1,5 hours

5. Gorky park

Do you remember "Wind of change" by Scorpions who "followed the Moskva down to Gorky park"? This is another place which is so loved by locals.  There are lots of activities in the summer: biking, roller skating, ping-pong, - you can rent everything you need on-site. In winter there is a beautiful ice-skating rink (which should be a must-see for tourist from warm countries :) ). 

If you are into contemporary arts, you should definitely visit Garage center, which is located inside the park. 

Right in front of Gorky Park there is Muzeon - a beautiful garden with outdoor sculpture exhibition. This is also a great location to admire Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

How to get here 

Сlosest metro stations are Park Kultury or Oktybrskaya 

If you are going by taxi, ask the driver to take you to Park Gorkogo 

Time to spend 2-2,5 hours  

6. Join our Walk&Talk group tour - this is the best thing for your first day in Moscow! You will discover key sights plus secret places which even locals don't know about :)