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Where to taste Russian food in Moscow

You'll probably agree that food is one of the best ways to learn about a country. Here we would like to share our favorite places in Moscow which serve great Russian food. Get ready to explore the Russian soul! 

Affordable: Teremok

Teremok is a fast food chain which is all about tradional dishes. They specialize in bliny, or crepes, with many kinds of fillings. The most touristy - with red caviar, although Russians don't take them often. Crepes are a hearty meal on their own, but you can always add salads (try vinegret or olivie) or soups (famous borsch, beetroot soup). Traditional drinks also available - kvass, sbiten, birch juice. The price of a big lunch would be around 350-400 Rub.

Soviet: Varenichnaya №1

Varenichnaya is translated as a 'dumpling place', hence here you can try all sorts of this dish, savoury or sweet. The cafes of this chain are decorated as Soviet apartments, with old-fashioned furniture, TVs, rugs on the walls, and appropriate music in the background. Loved by locals. For a two-course lunch with a drink you would pay around 500-600 Rub.

No need to reserve a table, walk-in system in all cafes.

Provincial: Voronezh

Moving to more sophisticated dining, we would advice to pay a visit to Voronezh (named after a provincial Russian city). Restaurant has a wide selection of both meat and vegetarian dishes, while all products are sourced from local Russian farmers. Dine like a provincial landlord of 19th century for around 1500-2000 Rub per person.

Book a table if you want to eat here.

Avant-garde: Dr.Zhivago

Enjoy Russian cuisine in the posh location facing the Red Square. Named after the Nobel-winning novel, the restaurant is a gastronomic adventure itself. Exquisite menu includes pickled vegetables and mushrooms, crepes, pelmeni, pies and traditional meat dishes. Dinner cost would vary around 2000 Rub. Little tip: if you want to spend less or just looking for a great breakfast place, come here in the morning (from 6 am to 12 pm).

Book a table if you want to eat here.

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