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Partnership with Transsiberian dream vol.10

In 2018 Walk&Talk Tours partnered with Transsiberian DREAM Vol.10, educational travel project by AEGEE organization. We held the Moscow tour for all 40 participants, showing them the major sites like the Red Square and the Bolshoi theatre, and guiding them to the hidden places.

In 2018 participants of the  Transsiberian DREAM traveled from Moscow to Kazan, Tyumen, Lake Baikal and Olkhon, and all the way to Vladivostok! The theme of the year was raising  awareness about Sustainability and Climate Change.

Here is the review from the organizers:

"What is the best way to explore a new city? Ask locals to bring you to its hidden places. Katerina, the founder of Walk & Talk Tours, showed us Moscow from a totally different angle, thus providing the participants of Transsiberian DREAM Vol.10 with an unforgettable experience.We managed to visit the panoramic viewpoint at the Rooftop of Central Children's World, the "walking house" at Tverskaya street, the soaring pedestrian bridge in Zaryadye and much more!With all our love we wish our new partner the further success and development.


And a few words from the participants:

Jan, Czech Republic: Great tour! It was really well made tour. I discovered many things I had no idea about. When I asked for something I had great answer with a smile. I’m glad that I did this tour and I can only recommend.

Luca, Italy: Great visit to a great city.Is my 3rd time in Moscow but thanks to walk & talk I discovered new interesting facts and secret spots that I would never have seen on my own! Don't miss it!

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