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How to get around in Moscow 

 It is said that "Moscow never sleeps", and it is true indeed - people are running somewhere at any time of day or night. Moscow is a huge city, however the transportation system is very wide-spread and you can easily get from one point to another. Plus most of the touristic spots are located inside the "Garden ring" where you can walk by foot. For the detailed instruction on getting around in Moscow read our instructions.


Moscow metro is the best way to travel around the city. It is spread practically to every corner of Moscow, and in the city center there are usually more than one metro stations which can take you to a specific place.

Moscow metro is a circular system, meaning that there are lines running from one distant point to another on the opposite side, and there are two circles connecting to all those lines. When you travel, try to build a route with a minimum number of changes, as they can be very lengthy. 

 The cost of the metro is rather low: one ticket is 55 Rub (~ $0,9), and it is not limited by time - you could go as far as you want or just admire beautiful metro stations. You can also buy "Troyka" card and charge it with 20, 40, or more rides. Return "Troyka" to any metro cash desk when you leave and get 50Rub deposit back. "Troyka" can be used by a group of people, so you can buy just one for all. 

Google Maps is pretty good at building routes by metro, so you can rely on them if metro map looks too scary.

Bus and tram

Sometimes it is easier to get somewhere by bus, but in very few cases. Google Maps will help you in this too - they build the most convenient route taking into account all means of public transport. 

The system of payment is the same as in metro: you can use "Troyka", which you have purchased in metro cash desk, or buy a single ticket from a bus/tram driver.  

 One great advantage of ground transport is that it allows you to see Moscow with all its facets. You can take tram "A" (which is nicely called with a girl's name Annushka) from Chistye Prudy to go to Oktyabrskaya station through the very heart of the city. Another good idea is to take trolley bus "Б", it moves around the "Garden ring". 


If Moscow completely drained you, there is always an option to go by Taxi. Although in Moscow it is common to stick a hand out to stop a car, better avoid the risk if you don't speak Russian. 

 The best option is to use Yandex Taxi app. It is available in English, and you can just enter your bank card details and the payment will be proceeded automatically when the ride is finished. You will also see the preliminary price of your ride when you enter destination address. 

 Try to avoid peak times, when all Moscow is heading to/from work: 8-9 a.m. and 5-7 p.m. 

 By the way, this is probably the most convenient way to get to or from airport. And also the best value, if you are going in a company of 3 or more people.


Moscow is not really known as a bike-friendly capital, with huge highways and lack of infrastructure for bike-riding. Still positive changes are happening, and since 2013 there has been a city bike rental "Velobike" in place. Now it covers all the territory inside the "Garden ring" and spreads out to the North (where VDNH is) and to the South. 
"Velobike" website also has English version, so you can easily register. We advice to download the App to be able to look for nearest stations and check availability of bicycles. The prices are affordable: day pass costs 150Rub, which includes unlimited number of free 30-min rides. 1 hour costs 30Rub, 2 hours - 100Rub and so on.  
It is a good idea to explore Moscow by bike and see more places in less time. If you want tranquil biking, head for Gorky Park or VDNH.