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Where to stay in Moscow: hotel or airbnb apartment?

In general, the basic principles apply to the Russian capital: if you want standardized service, 24-hour reception support, ready breakfast - go to If you prefer to live like a local and have more space - opt for airbnb.There is really no price difference between hotels and apartments, you pay for what you get. Beautiful apartments which beat the hotel rooms cost like hotels. If you see something cheaper - probably it just has worse equipment.

However, Moscow is one of those cities where it's worth trying airbnb. 


ℹ️ there is a huge choice for any budget

ℹ️ airbnb has a call center in Russia, which can help you with any issues (not many countries have that!) +7495 465 8090

ℹ️ it's more convenient if you travel with kids, not many hotels are child-friendly

ℹ️ it's easier if you have some food restrictions and prefer to cook for yourself. Supermarkets here have all kinds of food, but in the restaurants you might have a hard time to explain that you need vegan or gluten-free