Moscow center tour

This is a must-tour on your first visit to Moscow!
Moscow is so rich in history of all kinds, that you can easily lose your mind on your own! Stay calm, our talented local guides will take you to the most meaningful sights in the city while breathing life into the places which have shaped Russian history and culture. 

Moscow Center tour covers: 

  • Red Square 
  • Tverskaya street 
  • Saint Basil’s Cathedral 
  • GUM Department store 
  • History Museum
  • Bolshoi Theater 
  • Alexander garden
  • Secret places that tourists usually don't know about! 

This is a walking tour where you will cover approx. 3km (nice excercise, right?). 

Moscow Center tour does not cover the inside of the Kremlin (foreigners used to fight to get into the fortress - do you think it's different now? :). To visit Kremlin with Walk&Talk please book Kremlin tour.

Moscow Center Tour
Moscow Center Tour
The perfect tour on your first day in Moscow!


700 Rub


2 hours 


Every day at 10.30 am 



is essential

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